Sukebe Stool 

The Sukebe Stool is specially designed to facilitate the washing of the genital area.  It originates from Japan which has a long history of Bath Houses, 'sento' if a public wash house, or 'onsen' if at a hot spring.

A Sukebe Stool has a gap in the seat to allow the genitals to be washed.

A Sukebe Stool
- ready and waiting for you!

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You can add the Sukebe Experience to my  
lingerie, topless and fully naturist tantric massages. 

Francesca is massage the leg of a man. Both are naked

My fully naturist massage is the ultimate sensual massage experience

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Sukebe Stool Details

My Sukebe Stool Experience can be a standalone session or enjoyed as an 'add-in' to any of my massages, Xxlyder or Tantrika Erotika Experiences.
Please read my Massage Etiquette Guidance before booking so you are sure you will enjoy this session.

With a wooden bowl strategically positioned beneath you, I will kneel in front of you and lather your todger

My Sukebe Stool Experience in Lingerie 

If you choose the standalone session, I will be nude, as you will be.
If you take the 'Add-in' option, I will be dressed according to the type of massage you have booked (Lingerie, Topless or Fully Naturist). The time for the Sukebe Experience, around 20 minutes, will reduce the massage time. (eg you book a 1hour massage. The 60 mins total will be divided into 40 mins massaging and 20 mins Sukebe)
After you have showered (It's called Washing, but it's about stimulating a clean you!), your experience will begin with you seated on the stool. naked. Gentlemen tend to protrude through the gap between the two bands of material so I have unimpeded access to lather, soap massage, rinse then dry them.
During the soaping and rinsing you will experience my exquisite hand craft. The gentlest touch of nails, the circling brush of a fingertip...
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After your soapy massage, I will rinse your C&B with hand poured warm water

Rinsing you with warm water, before drying in a fluffy towel. 

Note that you will need to be able to get up from a very low sitting position, unaided, for this experience.  There is also a weight limit due to the stool structure. Call me if in doubt.

Prices for the stanalone experience are:
20m, Gatwick - £80,
London - £180
During this time we will both be naked.

If you 'Add-In' Sukebe to a massage, there is no extra cost.

My Gatwick prices are unchanged since 2018 - my contribution to alleviating the cost of living crisis - book soon! 
My prices are not negotaible
Gratuities are always welcome

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See More of Me?

And the Sukebe experience, Fully Naturist version...
Pop over to my AdmireMe.VIP account where an unblurred and much longer video is available to subscribers and on Pay for View.

 AdmireMe.VIP account.

I'll rinse the soap of your hampton with warm water

Your view during a Fully Naturist experience 

"The sensations of soap, hands, fingertips, nails, water and towels on my rock c*ck lasted all thru my flight back to DFW.
I'm coming BACK!"

TD, Plano, Tx

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I always include finishing touches in your experience, especially on the sensitive end of your Richard

It is the finishing touches that make the experience! 

There are many other unblurred videos, stills and erotic stories for you to enjoy, most within your subscription on AdmireMe  Go and enjoy!

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I hope to see you soon!

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AdmireMe.VIP account 

And there's new content every day!

You can enjoy the washing experience with me kneeling, naked before you

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