I offer my sensual tantric massage in
three styles:

Lingerie, I am dressed throughout in sensual lingerie from my extensive collection.
Topless, where you will be able to visually appreciate my 28GG all natural breasts.
Fully Naturist, where you and I will be as nature intended.

All styles can have a happy ending including CBS* and edging.
In addition prostate stimulation can be included

For Lingerie and Topless massages you can be naked and undraped / uncovered as well unless you wish to be covered. 
*penis and testicle stimulation

Francesca, in lacy lingerie, is leaning forward over her massage table. Her long blonde hair curls over her shoulders.

Francesca, a genuine English blonde massuese

Prices at my Gatwick studio are:
45 mins L - £60, T - £80,
FN - £100
1 hr L - £80, T - £100,
FN - £120
90 mins L - £130, T - £150,
FN - £170
2 hrs L - £180, T - £200,
FN - £220
Prices in GBP
L - Lingerie, T -Topless, FN - Fully Naturist

See my Massage Etiquette Guidance.
I have not increased these prices since 2018!
Come and enjoy a
Cost of Living Crisis Bargain!

Gratutities are always welcome.

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Prices at a Central London location are:
45 mins L - £160, T - £180,
FN - £200
1 hr L - £180, T - £200,
FN - £220
 90 mins L - £230, T - £300,
FN - £270
2 hrs L - £280, T - £300,
FN - £320
Prices in GBP
L - Lingerie, T - Topless, FN - Fully Naturist

See my Massage Etiquette Guidance
All my prices are non negotiable 
Consider adding a
Sukebe Stool Washing Ritual
to your Experience

A close up picture of Francesca's 28GG natural breasts in a black bra

My Lingerie Massage is an excellent introduction to sensual massage

To make an appointment to see me
call on
07826 761 268
(+44 7826 761 268 if outside the UK)
Or use my Online Form

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Erotika Collection

My Erotika Collection offers exceptionally intense experiences for really adventurous Ladies, Gentlemen and Couples.

Please read my Massage Etiquette Guidance before booking so you are sure you will enjoy these sessions.

Francesca, with a white flower in her long blonde hair, poses removing her bra

My Xxlyder Experience includes body slides 

My Xxlyder Experience is an oil based, body sliding massage where my body will slide over you - front and back. It does not include mutual touch, but you will certainly feel my memorable touch!
Edging and a happy ending are part of this experience and prostate stimulation can be included.

Prices are:
1 hr, Gatwick - £150, London - £250
90 m, Gatwick - £200, London - £300
My Gatwick prices are unchanged since 2018 - my contribution to alleviating the cost of living crisis - book soon! 
Gratuities are always welcome

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My Tantrika Erotika Experience is the ultimate full body massage experience for Ladies, Gentlemen and Couples. Delivered in a fully naturist setting, it includes the body sliding elements of Xxlyder plus
guided mutual touch. 

Edging and a happy ending is included for ladies and gents, and prostate stimulation can be added for gents.

A still from her Tantrika Erotika video, shows Francesca guiding a man's hands under her bare breasts

Prices for this exceptional experience are:

1 hr Gatwick - £180, London - £280
90 mins Gatwick - £230, London - £330
2 hrs Gatwick - £280, London - £380

I recommend you need at least 90 minutes to fully appreciate this experience, 2 hours for couples.

Consider adding a
Sukebe Stool Washing Ritual
to your Experience

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Massage Etiquette Guidance

This guidance is evolved from my approach to sensual massage. If you follow it, then your session will be a pleasure. It you cannot stay within this guidance, I am not the massuese for you.

Francesca sitting in the window of a Caribbean villa

If you work with in this guidance you will have a splendid experience that you will want to repeat.

Be on time for your appointment. If early, rest up somewhere until the time. If you are going to be late, let me know by message as soon as possible. If you are too late I may have to cancel or shorten your appointment to avoid impacting other clients.

Please take my offer of a shower on arrival, and ensure you wash all your nooks and crannies. That way you can relax wherever my hands go. You may also shower at the end of your appointment. Showering time does not  shorten your appointment duration.

I never do outcalls, whether to your home, office or hotel.

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I offer sensual massage to ADULTS  and nothing more. No matter how beautiful, endowed or rich you are.
This is never negotiable. Ever.

With the exception of the Tantrika Erotika Experience please do not touch me. You are here to enjoy the sensations of my highly experienced hands.

Please be prepared to pay in GBP cash at the start of your appointment. I cannot accept cards, cheques, crypto, foreign currency or barter.

A clear statement that Francesca is only a sensual masseuse. It is a waste of your time to ask for anything else

This is not negotiable!

Please do not arrive under the influence of alcohol or drugs - you won't enjoy the experience of the massage. And please don't smoke before arrival. I'm extremely allergic to tobacco smoke and will sneeze throughout the session, or worse.

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Please don't smoke before you see me! This is a video showing how it makes sneeze or worse! 

I take great care to ensure my service is confidential. I will not discuss any client with anyone else. In return, I expect you to uphold the confidentiality and not try/ask to record our session, openly or otherwise, including live streaming. The videos on this site can serve to remind you of our time together.

On a less stern note, I promise I will do everything I can to make your appointment special. If you have particular music, lighting, or other environmental wishes, please let me know in advance.

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Sukebe Stool

The Sukebe Stool comes from Japan and is a part of the sensual washing ritual.
While you are seated on this special stool, I'll delight you with a genital washing experience!  You can 'Add-in' Sukebe to any of my Massages and Experiences or enjoy it as standalone experience.
See the video of the Lingerie Option

A picture of the very low Sukebe stool, with 2 bands of material. Your cock will protrude between them while you are washed.

My Sukebe Stool, ready for you!

Book your appointment now
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+44 7826 761 268
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You owe your body and mind the stress relief from my massages

Francesca is reclining against a wall in a highly patterned, brightly coloured dress

I hope to see you soon 

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