Do you enjoy Naturism?

I do!
And I especially enjoy giving fellow naturist gentlemen, ladies and couples my sensual naturist massage.

We will all be as nature intended throughout the session.
Why not add a Naturist Massage with me to other things you are doing?

At the beginning of a naturist massage, Francesca leans against her seated client. Her oily breasts press against his chest

My massages can be fully naturist
Here's a little suggestion!

If you are off on holiday, naturist or not, and travelling through Gatwick, why not arrive the afternoon before you fly, stay locally, and book an early evening appointment with me!

I suggest you stay in one of the many fine hotels or guest houses on (or near) my location map. You are then within walking distance.  There are restaurants nearby or a mile away in Horley for a meal afterwards.

Your massage could be Naturist Tantric, my Xxlyder or Tantrika Erotika Experiences. Just for you, a lady or a gentleman, or a wonderful couples massage. 
What a wonderful start to your much deserved holiday!

See my Massage Etiquette Guidance.
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Alternatively you could end your holiday with a very sensual massage with me!

Francesca is crouched on the back of the legs of the man enjoying a massage. She is naked and her breasts brush on his back

There will be no blurring needed during your massage!
Couples are especially welcome. 

To make an appointment to see me
call on
07826 761 268
(+44 7826 761 268 if outside the UK)
Or use my Online Form

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Japanese Washing Ritual

My Japanese Washing Ritual, or Sukebe Stool Washing Experience interests a lot of folks. When the first versions of this website omitted this offering - it was on my web guy's to do list but for later versions - I had number of clients contact me asking why I had stopped offering this!

In this experience, you are sitting, naked, on a low stool that has two bands of material with a gap between them. That gap allows me to ritually wash your lingham and muSkava (so much nicer to say than cock and balls!).

Please read my Massage Etiquette Guidance before booking so you are sure you will enjoy this experience.

Francesca, dressed in sexy lingerie, kneels in front of a naked man

My Sukebe Washing Experience can be enjoyed with me in Lingerie, Topless or Fully Naturist 

Kneeling in front of you, I'll lather, soap massage, rinse and then dry your bits in a fluffy towel. Gentlemen tell me it is a very pleasent, stimulating experience...
See a video and get more details here

Prices for the 20 minutes 'standalone' Experience are:
Gatwick - £80, London - £180

Alternatively, Sukebe can be an 'add-in' to any of my massages or experiences at no extra cost.
My Gatwick prices are unchanged since 2018 - my contribution to alleviating the cost of living crisis - book soon! 
Gratuities are always welcome

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Francesca wraps a fluffy towel around a man's lingham at the end of the Sukebe Experience

Following a rinse with warm water, the fluffy towel will wrap around you...

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Happy Beginning?

A resequencing of my sensual massage session may be just what's needed if you want sports or deep tissue massage included.

wearing a body stocking, stockings and boots poses playfully in front of a mirror

I have an extensive lingerie collection

Normally, my massage sessions start by relaxing you, then finding those knotty, stressing bits in your back and shoulders and releasing them, then moves into the more sensual part that can lead to a happy ending. (This includes ladies, gents and couples)

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If you want to me work on sports related strains, or need muscle tension release with deep tissue massage, it may be more appropriate to start with the sensual release.

The sports or deep tissue is unpredictable in timing and this way there will always be time for the 'relief'! 

In a cheeky pose, Francesca is topless, and has passion fruit leaves covering her full breasts. Call 07826761268

Lingerie, Topless and Naturist Tantric Massages

When you make your booking, please let me know if you want a "Happy Beginning".
Beginning or End, you'll experience my irresitable handcraft.
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I am often asked if my massages include 'Edging'. Tantric massage had edging before it was called edging! Tantra both relaxes and stimulates, so after getting you unstressed and into that comfortable, 'floating' feeling, my attention turns to pleasurably stimulating you.

Ladies, be assured, this includes you!

Francesca is posed in a thong, looking out of the villa window

Just a bit o' lace to hide my breasts

The stimulation part I provide is not the rushed 'Blow & Go' sort you may have experienced elsewhere. It is a carefully paced build, relax, build higher, repeat session. Think of it like waves on the incoming tide. A wave rushes up the beach, then draws back, and is followed by another wave that runs higher up the beach.

I will use my well practiced handcraft to stimulate you then move to more general body massage before returning to focused, stimulating strokes that take you to a new peak. Some experience feelings of eagerness to get there, but trust me to take you on  a path that will be ultimately more satisfying. Others just go with the ride, enjoying the inevitability of the pleasure.

Edging is built-in!

I can't show you this here as it would need to be so blurred you wouldn't be able to see my magic hands at work. You can see more on my account (link below) on a pay per view or subscription basis. (Be aware it does have happily excited 'bits' clearly displayed)

See my Nudity Policy that applies to the content of this site - it keeps it online!

Make you appointment now
07826 761 268
+44 7826 761 268
Text, call or Whatsapp
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You owe your body and mind the stress relief from my massages

Francesca is looking at you, her full breasts are held in a lacy bra - just

I hope to see you soon 

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