By Phone

You can contact me by phone, text (SMS) or WhatsApp on the numbers below. 

Francesca is stading next to her massage table wearing coral lingerie. Her large breasts draw your attention

Francesca, the Finest English blonde massuese

To make an appointment to see me
call on
07826 761 268
(+44 7826 761 268 if outside the UK)
I will answer if I am free.
Please only call between
9:00 and 20:00 (8 pm)

Appointment Times
I can arrange appointments between
09:00 & 20:00 hrs, Mon to Sat
(9 am & 8 pm)                          

If you would prefer not to phone, then you can use my online Contact Form below

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See my Massage Etiquette Guidance to ensure my massages are for you and you have a special time! 

Francesca is looking back at the camera with her bra slung across her shoulder

My Lingerie Massage is an excellent introduction to sensual massage

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Use My Online Form

You can contact me at any time by using my online form 

Francesca is looking over her shoulder at the camera, her finger to her lips so you keep the secret

My Xxlyder Experience includes body slides 

The Contact Form will pop up so you can fill it in. When you have finished, select 'Submit' within the pop up and an email will be sent to me. You may need to scroll in the pop up to see the submit button. The pop up will display the data you have sent.  Just close the pop up to continue browsing my site.
Ready for the FORM?

There will be no confirmation email sent to you so no issues with deleting it!  

You can use this form to leave comments about my website and contents

A picture from Francesca's Tanrika Erotika shows her guiding a man's hands to her breasts

My Tantrika Erotika Experience, part of my Erotika Collection is an exceptional massage that includes
Guided Mutual Touch 

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Where am I?

See and interact with a Google map for my Gatwick Location. You need to accept Functionality Cookies for this to work.

Francesca, is on veranda of a Caribbean villa in see through lace top and no bra

I love to wear a lace top, and no bra

My London locations vary, but will always be Central or West End and in a quality hotel or apartment.
Read my Massage Etiquette Guidance to see if my services are right for you.

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A lady client "Why have a man...
when you can hire Fran"

Ladies, all my massages are available to YOU! 

Francesca is giving a man a topless massage. She is leaning across his back, pressing her large, oiled breasts against him

Francesca, the Finest English Tantric Masseuse

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Relieving Massages

Massage is a great way of relieving the stresses of modern living. A Sensual Massage goes a step futher and relieves other pent up needs for both ladies and gentlemen.

With my massages, the sensual stimulation is integrated into the flow of the massage, starting while a relax you with a little teasing.
Was that an accidental brush?

And talking of teasing...
The controls allow you to put me on full screen - the box shape!

A little teaser for you!
Please let me have your feedback on this video by using my Online Form. Or let me know what you'd like to see on my Massage Website.

Make your appointment now!

07826 761 268
+44 7826 761 268
Text, call or Whatsapp
Or use my online form HERE
See my Massage Etiquette Guideline to see if this massage is for you

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Of course some Experiences with me are highly sensual. Take a look at my Xxlyder Experience for the truly adventurous HERE

Contact me to book your massage with a happy ending

I hope to see you soon 
07826 761 268

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