Xxlyder Experience 

The Xxlyder Experience is part of my Erotika Collection. It is based on the Nuru Massage and includes fully naturist body-sliding and genital foot massage.

Francesca begins  a naked body slide on a naked man's back

Xxlyder Body-Sliding Experience
gliding to beyond 

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You can add the Sukebe Experience to my  
Xxlyder experience if you have the stamina! 

Francesca stands in front of a seated man. Both are naked and she is rubbing oil on his genitals

My Xxlyder Experience starts with me oiling your torso, thighs and genitals so my body can glide over you

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Xxlyder Experience Details

My Xxlyder Experience is available to truly adventurous ladies and gentlemen. It is fully naturist - both of us will be naked throughout the session. It is based on Nuru Massage but uses warm oils rather than gel.
There is no mutual touching element in this experience.
Please read my Massage Etiquette Guidance before booking so you are sure you will enjoy this session.

Francesca, face down, slides over the naked body of a man lying face up

Body Slides include Face-to-Face 

After you have showered you join me in my studio where I will waiting by my professional massage table. With both of us naked and uncovered (undraped) we will start with you seated on the table and I will begin spreading oil over your torso, thighs and genitals so I can delight you by sliding my naked body over yours.
With you lying facedown on the table, I will start the body sliding experience with me face up and then face down while my body glides over yours.
When you have turned faceup, I sit between your feet and caress your body and genitals (if you wish) with beautiful bare feet. I will then slide over your body, first with me face up and then with me face down.

If you are still able to enjoy it, I can continue  the session with a focused lingham or yoni massage to leave you completely sated.
To finish I will prepare hot towels for your face and genital area and let you relax.

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The Experience over, Francesca has wrapped her clients spent cock is a warm towel and soothes him by placing her hands on him

To Finish your Xxlyder Experience I will Place Hot Towels on you while you Relax 

Prices for the Xxlder Experience are:
60m, Gatwick - £150
London - £250
90m, Gatwick - £200
London - £300
My Gatwick prices are unchanged since 2018 - my contribution to alleviating the cost of living crisis - book soon! 
My prices are not negotaible
Gratuities are always welcome

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See More of Me?

If you are looking for fully nude stills and videos of my treatments, and just generally enjoying my naturist/nudist lifestyle then pop over to my AdmireMe.VIP account. The unblurred version of this Xxlyder Video is there for you to enjoy.

 AdmireMe.VIP account.

A transistion from the Xxlyder video showing Francesca dripping oil on a naked man

Still from my Xxlyder Experience Video 

"The feel and sight of Francesca's fabulous body sliding up me from my thighs to my face was a sensory overload!"
DC, Westminster

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Francesca is using her feet to massage the cock and torso of a naked man

I Involve my Feet in Massaging Parts

There are many other unblurred videos, stills and erotic stories for you to enjoy, most within your subscription on AdmireMe  Go and enjoy!

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I hope to see you soon!

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