Privacy Policy

If you send me an email, use the contact form in this website, text me or phone me I will receive some personal data (eg phone number, email address) which may be recorded by a device I own or a service I use.
By taking any of those actions, you consent to my storing/processing the personal data you sent to me to handle your enquiry or make an appointment. My legitimate interest is that you are requesting or enquiring about a service from me.

Francesca, natural 28GG breasts

Francesca, a genuine English blonde massuese

Emails and phone records may remain stored for some years.
I will only record your name (the name you give me), your email address if you send an email, and phone number if you give it to me. I will not record any other details such as medical issues, so please remind me of these if you visit again.

If I feel you constitute a threat to my safety, I reserve the right to retain that fact indefinitely.

If you have questions regarding my handling of your personal data, please phone me on the number on my website.
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You can be naked in any of my massages

By appointment only, at my Gatwick studio or London location.

To make a massage appointment, call me on
07826 761 268
(+44 7826 761 268 if outside the UK)
Or use my Online Form
The online form uses only essentail cookies.

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Cookie Policy

Cookies are small files that websites place on your device. Some are essential to your use of the site, like shopping carts on sites where you can buy goods. Others are not essential but are needed to deliver some features of the site and to enable the site owner to see which pages/content is of interest to visitors.
The following information should be read in conjunction with my Privacy Policy.
The Cookie Declaration from the Consent Management System can be seen in the Cookie Consent Banner when you enter the site.

Naturist sensual massage in London

Professional Massages with the finest of Oils

Further information on the use of cookies follows.

Cookie Consent
This site uses The Cookie Script Consent Management Platform to record your consent preferences for this site. Please see their WEBSITE for more details.  This service is GDPR compliant. 

Social Media Integration
There is no Social Media Intergration on this site.
No Twitter, No Facebook, no others.

Google Maps
There is an embedded Google Map on my Contact page so you can see where my Gatwick base is, explore the surrounding area and get direction to come and see me. To see this map you must accept "Functionality" cookies. This will load some Google Cookies. More information is available on Google's Website

Delivering Video/Video Gifs
This site uses video and video gifs to present you with sequences of pictures and videos of my massage sessions and other activities. These allow you see what happens in a session with me, and to decide which type of therapy is suitable for you. The videos are stored on my site and an HTML5  video player is used to run them. There is no link to video streaming services, so only cookies essential to my site are loaded. 

Counting Visitors/Visitor Paths
It is helpful to me to see which content/pages get the most, or least attention. This allows me to improve the presentation of content and concentrate in areas that are the most attractive. My site uses Statcounter to do this. Other than the IP address and approximate location you visit from and the sequence of pages you visit, no other personal data is collected by Statcounter. I cannot identify you from the Statcounter records.
For more details of Statcounter, go HERE.

Contact Form
This website has a contact form so you can send me a message without using your email service or phoning/texting me. In providing this service, relevant cookies may be placed on your device. When you submit the form an email is generated from my webserver and sent to my email address. You will, of course, have to provide me contact details so I can respond to you!

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Yoni and Lingham massages included for Ladies or Gents

The symbol you see above will be on your screen while you are on my site. It allows you to change your Cookie Preferences at any time by clicking on it. This also allows you see the Cookie Declaration at any time. Just click "Show Details" in the banner.

Treatments at my Studio are always on a professional table.
Further details HERE 
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Nudity Policy

I have no issues with nudity, or with pictures of people partially or fully naked. However, this website is available for public view and to avoid being banned (shadow or otherwise) I keep the content within bounds. I will use pictures and video that show me, and others completely nude, but the details of some areas of the body will be blurred or otherwise obscured. You should not catch more than a glimpse of a nipple, pussy or other sexual body parts without the detail being obscured. 
If you are uncomfortable with that, or in a place where even that is illegal, then please leave this site now.

Naturist Tantric Massage with hand relief

An example of obscuring nude content

You can see videos and pictures of me without bluring/obscuring, many not used on this website, on my
AdmireMe.VIP Account.
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I am a Sensual Masseuse.
I offer lingerie, topless and Naturist massages, plus Tantric Experiences to adult ladies, gentlemen and couples. 
For all clients, a happy ending can be included.

That is all
and is not negotiable

Naturist Tantric Massage with hand relief

I do not offer any services that are not detailled  here on my website.

In my Tantrika Erotika Experience there is an element on Guided Mutual Touch. I will guide your hands on a tour of my body.

In all other offerings, if you try to touch me I will end the session and ask you to leave.
Before contacting me please check out my Massage Etiquette Guidance and be sure you can respect that guidance. That way you will have a superb experience.  

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If you can stay within my guidelines, then call, text or use my Online Form to make your appointment. 

Fly into Gatwick and enjoy a sensual naturist massage

Your view of me during the fully naturist
Sukebe Washing Experience
except there will be no triangle! 

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