Topless Tantric Massage Video

My Topless Sensual Tantric Massage is one of my Sensual Massages.
It provides relaxation and stimulation to both body and mind. 
You can be naked through out, and a Yoni or Lingham massage is included if you wish.

This massage is available to Couples, Ladies and Gentlemen.

There is NO Mutual Touch in this massage
6 minutes, no sound, includes nudity and sensual activity

Video coming soon!
It's in final rendering (so I'm told!)
It will cover the entire session from making your appointment to you leaving with a smile on your face!

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I'm waiting for you! Ladies or gentlemen

Francesca, a genuine English blonde massuese

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I also have an Erotika Collection - interested? 

Or see a taster of my erotic Xxlyder Experienceolder Picture

My Lingerie Massage is an excellent introduction to sensual massage

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Topless Tantric Massage Details

My Topless Tantric Massage is an ideal way to sample the sensual nature of Tantric Massages.

You can be naked throughout, but can be covered if you wish.

Couples, Ladies and Gentlemen are welcome to  enjoy this massage in 45 minute to 2 hour sessions.

There is NO MUTUAL TOUCH element to this massage

Please read my Massage Etiquette Guidance before booking so you are sure you will enjoy this session.

See a video of Xxlder Experience

My Xxlyder Experience includes body slides! 

Your experience will start with you seated on my professional massage table while I oil your torso. This allows you to relax, get used to my touch and my body being close to yours. You will feel the warm oil on your skin and intimate parts of your body. 

I'll then ask you to lie face down for a professional back, leg and glutes massage. This phase is all about relaxing you. I'll search out knots and relieve them. I can include sports or deep tissue elements if you wish. Once you are relaxed I'll ask you turn face up.

I will continue the therapeutic part of your massage with your legs, with special attention to your ankles, knees and the hip insertions.
Taking a step up, I will work on your Crown Chakra (head and neck), massaging your "Third Eye" and neck muscles.  Some say they see colours during this phase.

It is now time to spin up your Sacral and Base Chakras, then spread that sexual energy through out your body, relax your mind and start a cresendo of sensuality.

In this phase, I will build you up then let you relax a little a number of times until...

A Yoni or Lingham massage can conclude your experience.

I'll then prepare hot towels for you so you can collect your thoughts and come back to the world.

You can shower before you depart.

And book your next experience with me. 


Prices are:
45 mins, Gatwick - £80, London - £180
1 hr,
Gatwick - £100,
London - £200
90 mins, Gatwick - £150,
London - £300
2 hrs Gatwick - £200,
London - £300
My Gatwick prices are unchanged since 2018 - my contribution to alleviating the cost of living crisis - book soon! 
My prices are not negotaible
Gratuities are always welcome

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I hope to see you soon!

Other videos on my site are:

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My Tantrika Erotika Experience - with guided mutual touch

More to come!

Topless Tantric Massage is a great introduction to really sensual massages

Francesca, professionally qualified masseuse in Gatwick and London 
07826 761 268
+44 7826 761 268
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